Virtual One Day
 Yoga Retreat

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Session 1 (Portuguese)
9:00 USA | 13:00 Brazil | 17:00 Portugal

Session 2 (English)
 13:00 USA | 17:00 Brazil | 21:00 Portugal

Vinyasa Yoga Class

Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Journaling

Restorative Gentle Flow

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Instrutora de Yoga

Flow Into Magic - An Elemental Experience

This on-line FREE one day virtual retreat is designed to create physical, emotional and spiritual space to return to the elemental self.  We clear ourselves of whatever stories, labels or ideas stand in the way of stepping into who we intrinsically are: Divine Consciousness.

​ Rituals, yoga and meditation, will expose you to the various earth-bound elements.Through this experience you will be given the tools to select which elemental practices and rituals to take with you. An experiential program that allows you to create and cultivate the person you want to show up as in the world.

Meet your instructors

João da Silva

Emily McMichael - USA
I travel, I teach, I yoga, I adventure, I do Thai Massage, and I laugh... a lot! ​

I have a passion for knowing the human body and the human experience. 

My goal is to provide my students and clients as many avenues to healing as possible to find their source of joy and peace. 

 There are so many paths to choose from in this life and I am honored to be part of yours, providing any guidance I can that will lead you back to yourself.
João da Silva

Lola Medeiros - Brazil
I like to see yoga as a beautiful mindfulness dance, a moving meditation, connecting our breath to our movement, our mind to our hearts and our bodies to our souls.

My classes are usually made by a strong and challenging physical practice to quite the mind, combining with relaxed and still moments to release and let go, breathing exercises and a big focus on getting out of your comfort zone with safety, discipline, love and FUN! 
João da Silva

Mari Manna - Portugal
I´m women, I´m daughter of the Earth and I live Yoga. 

Yoga is my way to manifest, to co-create, my way to connect with the Universe and go within.
My classes are usually based on the elements, including cleasing of the chakras releasing flow of energy,  bandhas and mudras providing grounding through earth element and energizing and ease through air element using pranayamas and breathing techniques. 

My essence of leaving all with a sense of deep relaxation brings to my classes guided meditations, Yoga Nidra  and Yin Yoga sessions.